Helping those impacted by war is our priority.

The Problem

War is the ultimate buzzkill. Imagine all the fire content we could be creating - hilarious animal TikToks, epic meme battles, the next big crypto play. Instead, we're bombarded with news of bombs raining down and families ripped apart.

But war is just one symptom of a much bigger disease. Climate change is the real boss battle here. The planet's heating up faster than a server room on meme day and it's having a ripple effect that is slowly eroding the very fabric of our economy.

Food and water scarcity have become a real threat as prices of all essential commodities are skyrocketing as extreme weather events are leaving entire communities devastated. This is not a scene from a dystopian novel - it's the reality we're facing.

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What we're building?

The World War 3 Ecosystem

The WW3 ecosystem is community-powered and aims to give people control of their finances through four key utility offerings:

The WW3 NFT & crypto exchange
A decentralized exchange where people can use fiat currencies to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.
The WW3 Protocol
Blockchain based infrastructure to promote the sharing and rentals of goods and services.
The WW3 Foundation
A philanthropic organisation to support the economic and environmental rehabilitation of people affected by wars and climate change.
A Decentralized Autonomous Organisation to govern and manage the ecosystem.

Meet our team

We’re a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about what we do.